About File Sync

Simply, file sync is to copy files to other places to keep it safe from data loss when accidents happen. For file sync software, it can not only sync files, but also many other items.

    What to sync?

  • File sync
  • Log file sync
  • Document sync
  • Folder sync
  • Directory sync
  • Desktop sync
  • Sync hard drives
  • Storage sync
  • Data sync
  • Sync laptop
  • PC sync

    Where to Sync?

  • Sync files between folders
  • Sync to another partition
  • Sync to another disk (local, external or removable)
  • Sync files between computers
  • Sync files across multiple computers
  • P2p file sync (p2v, v2p or v2v)
  • Remote file sync (network, NAS or cloud)

Sync File with Backup Sync Software AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI Backupper is a professional and safe backup and restore third party tool. Importantly, it equips with “File Sync” feature which can sync most kinds of files but not limit to files in a few easy steps. With it, you can never worry about the security of your crucial data.