How to Clone Hard Disk with XXClone Make Bootable in Windows?

Posted by @Teresa

August 24, 2018

This tutorial presents how to clone hard disk with XXClone and make the target self-bootable as well as what to do in the trouble of XXClone make bootable error in Windows 10/8/7.

About XXClone Make Bootable

What is XXClone? It is a volume cloning tool that duplicates Windows system volume to another disk and makes the target volume self-bootable. There is a window that shows the detail information and control about making bootable named Making the Target Self-Bootable. The window can be accessed with this approach: launch XXClone/Cool Tools/Make Bootable.

How does the Make Bootable feature work? In general, there are three essential data items make a hard disk normally boot, the Master Boot Record (MBR), the Boot Sector, and the BOOT.INI file. The purpose of this function is to initialize these data items in order to equip the Target Volume self-bootable. Note that a normal cloning with XXClone will make the target bootable. As a result, the function applies to the situations of XXClone boot error or when the target volume is newly partitioned and formatted.

The Make Bootable feature is also useful to repair a volume that has lost the self-bootability. For example, one of those three items is corrupted or lost without a reason, you can use it to fix MBR or rewrite the Boot Sector.

XXClone Clone Hard Disk and Make Bootable Step by Step

As covered, a normal cloning operation with XXClone in Windows does not need to initialize those items in particular. But an initializing does no harm to your disk if you’d like to operate once. You may perform the operation before or after the first volume clone operation. Take how to clone with XXClone Make Bootable in Windows 7 for example.

1. Perform XXClone download and installation on your computer. Connect the target disk as well. Launch XXClone.

2. Select the source volume and the target volume depending on your situation.

3. Click on Cool Tools and then Make Bootable option.

Cool Tools Make Bootable

4. In the XXClone Making the Target Self-Bootable window, read the information and tick the three boxes under Boot Control and then click Start to perform the initialization of the selected boot control items on the Target disk.

Making the Target Self-Bootable

5. Configure more in Operation Mode and Advanced Settings after you back to the main window. Finally, click Start to execute the operation.

Tips: if you want to retain full control of the BOOT.INI file in the Target Volume, you should leave the BOOT.INI selection unchecked. In such a case, it is your responsibility to properly initialize the BOOT.INI file.

It is quite easy to clone hard disk using XXClone and making bootable at the same time. Nevertheless, you may encounter XXClone Make Bootable error, XXClone not working, or XXClone not bootable after cloning. In addition, you need to upgrade to XXClone-Pro (Test Drive) or XXClone-Home (Test Drive) to perform non-system disk cloning. It is good to have an alternative plan if you in the trouble of one of those problems.

Workaround for XXClone Make Bootable in Windows 7/8/10

AOMEI Backupper Professional is powerful disk cloning software as well as reliable backup & restore solution that can be used as XXClone alternative, designed especially for Windows operating systems. It allows you to clone system volume/disk to the target disk with secure boot in one-click. No needs to initialize the target drive for extra work. Cloning data disk to another hard drive is also available. The intelligent clone technology helps you clone larger drive to smaller drive. It has user-friendly interface which suits for users of all levels. Let’s get to know how to clone system drive including boot-related partitions to target SSD.

1. Connect the SSD to your PC. Install and start AOMEI Backupper.

2. Click Clone tab and then choose System Clone.

System Clone

3. Select the target disk.

Select the Target Disk

4. When it comes to Operation Summary, check the box before Align partition to optimize for SSD. Click Start Clone after your confirmation.

Start Clone

5. Click Finish when the cloning process reaches 100%. Replace the old drive with the cloned SSD, or change boot priority to the cloned SSD to boot from the new drive.


  • Sector by sector clone option will clone every sector from the selected source drive to the target disk, whether used or not. It helps to recover lost partition or files of the source, yet requires the target disk equal or larger than the source.

  • To clone entire hard disk to the target, please choose the Disk Clone in the step 2.

  • With the feature Create Bootable Media, you can clone or backup hard drive without booting Windows.


Steps of cloning hard disk with XXClone and making the target self-bootable are introduced above. Follow the guide to perform disk cloning. Surely, you have another choice in disk cloning and system migration, i.e. AOMEI Backupper. With this software, you can even clone dynamic disk in Windows 7, 8, 10.