How to Easily Replace ASUS Laptop Hard Drive with SSD?

Posted by @Ivy

January 16, 2019

To get a peak read and write performance, you can replace ASUS laptop hard drive with SSD. Here, we’ll show you everything you need to know.

ASUS laptop hard drive replacement 

Some user wants to replace hard drive on ASUS laptop and use the default hard drive as storage. Now, here comes a question: what is the best replacement hard drive for ASUS laptop? See below, and find the best replacement hard drive.

1. The speed of HDD and SSD

Compared with HDDs, SSDs can access to your computer much faster. At the same time, SSDs are able to provide a higher read and write performance when you load files or folders etc. HDDs can meet the needs of most home users. However, to a high-tech talent, it's not good enough. 

So they are possible to replace ASUS laptop hard drive with SSD. With SSDs, they can execute multiple tasks at the same time much more conveniently and faster.

2. The security of HDD and SSD

In contrast, SSDs own a greater security than HDDs. Because SSDs does not have any removable parts internally. Vice versa, HDDs have. Thus, SSDs can reduce the possibility of losing data to the most extent. To ensure the security of all data, you'd better upgrade laptop HDD with SSD.

3. The capacity of HDD and SSD

HDDs are famous for its large capacity and low price. You can save a lot of files, folders, applications into HDDs as you like. But you can not do that in SSDs. you will find that the SSDs with the same capacity as HDDs are much more expensive. It's not wise for you to use SSDs as storage. Thus, most of the users will be willing to use SSD for OS and HDD for storage.

In sum, SSDs is the best replacement hard drive for ASUS laptop. It can give you peak performance. 

How to replace hard drive with SSD on ASUS laptop easily?

To replace the old disk, you have two options.

  1. 1. Backup your old hard disk to external hard drive and restore the image to new SSD.

  2. 2. Directly replacing ASUS laptop hard drive with SSD

As you can see, the second way seems to be much simpler. The first way need both backup operation and restore operation. And it's indispensable.  The second way only needs one operation. 

Besides, you still need an external hard drive, a new SSD hard drive, a backup and restore software. For backup and restore software , I recommend you free AOMEI Backupper. It's a third-party tool which is designed for ASUS laptop, HP laptop, Lenovo laptop, etc.

If your computer only has one slot, you can backup laptop hard drive to external hard drive first, and then restore system image from external hard drive. If your computer has two or more slots, you can directly change hard drive on ASUS laptop with SSD.

Now, let's continue to see below, and find the fact. 

Backup hard drive and restore ASUS laptop with free AOMEI Backupper

Backup ASUS laptop hard drive

You can download AOMEI Backupper Standard for free. With it, you can backup disk with a few clicks. You can click Disk Backup and follow prompts to finish the rest of steps.

Disk Backup

Tips: this backup software can also be applied to backup files, partitions, or system.

Restore backup image with AOMEI Backupper

The restore process contains two operations. The first part is to install the SSD disk on your computer and the second is to restore backup image from external hard drive.

  • Asus laptop hard drive removal and SSD installation

1. Free up the laptop back cover with screwdrivers.

2. Place the screws in the small box.

3. Plug the plastic card in the gap, twist and move it to take off the cover. To ensure the security, you would better unplug its battery.

4. Free up the hard drive frame with screwdrivers again and replace it with the SSD.

5. Install all stuff to their previous locations.

6. Turn on the laptop and restore your previous backup.

  • Restore backup image to your computer

Step 1. Plug your external hard drive and select a backup task, then click Next

Select A Task

Step 2. Select a backup point and click Next

Select Backup Point

Step 3. Select a partition or volume from the image file and click Next.

Select Disk Image

Step 4. Select your new SSD hard drive as destination disk and click Next.

Select New SSD Hard Drive

Step 5. In this windows, you will receive the following message. If you have a backup, click Yes to summon the next window. If not, backup the disk first. 


Step 6. Preview the Operation Summary and click Start Restore to run the last step.

The Operation Summary of Replacing ASUS Laptop Hard Drive with SSD

Directly replacing ASUS laptop hard drive with AOMEI Backupper

Step 1. Make sure your external hard drive is well connected to your laptop and select Disk Clone

Disk Clone

Step 2. Select your previous hard drive(eg: disk 1) and click Next

Select Source Disk

Step 3. Select the destination disk and click Next.

Select The New SSD Hard Drive as Destination

Step 4. Preview the Operation Summary and click Start Clone to run the disk cloning process.

The Operation Summary of Replacing ASUS Laptop Hard Drive with SSD 1

Notice: If you want a better outputting and inputting speed, please remember to tick the checkbox before Align partition to optimize for SSD at the bottom of this window.

Step 5. Take out hard drive and install the new SSD disk with screwdriver.

Now, you can clearly get that the second way is much simpler. With a few steps, you can replace hard drive on ASUS laptop easily. By the way, AOMEI Backupper supports creating bootable media, which allows you to perform backup & restore or disk cloning without booting Windows, i.e. bootable disk cloning software. Download to discover more.