All-in-One PNY SSD Cloning Software for Windows

Posted by @Lily

October 19, 2018

Are you using a PNY SSD and planning to clone it? Find the all-in-one PNY SSD cloning software for Windows from this page.


PNY SSDs are popular among computer users because of its fast load/boot speeds and great stability. There are three categories of PNY SSDs: Consumer, Client, and Enterprise. Each category serves a different purpose. PNY SSDs offer a storage capacity of 120 GB, 240 GB, 480 GB, and 960 GB. For boot drives, you may choose internal SSDs like PNY CS1311, PNY CS900; for photo and video storage, you can pick portable SSDs, PNY Elite.                                             


Why do you need PNY SSD cloning software?

If you are a PNY SSD user, you may look for PNY SSD cloning software in following cases:

  • Your PC’s current hard drive is an HDD and you want to upgrade it to a PNY SSD for faster speed and better performance. You intend to clone HDD to PNY SSD without reinstalling the operating system and all your applications.

  • Your PNY SSD is running out of space after a period of use and you prepare to clone it to another SSD with larger capacity.

To select an appropriate tool for PNY SSD clone, you should take these into consideration:

  • The system must remain bootable after cloning.

  • If the destination disk is larger than the source disk, the cloning software should be capable of editing partition size on the destination disk, thus making full use of the storage space.

Then, what’s the best PNY SSD data migration software you should choose?

Find the all-in-one PNY SSD cloning software for Windows

AOMEI Backupper Professional, an all-in-one Windows PC backup software, can help you with PNY SSD clone. It owns the features of system/disk/partition/files backup & restore as well as system/disk/partition clone. It supports all Windows PC operating systems. However, if you are running Windows Server operating system, please turn to server backup software. I’ll show you how to clone HDD to PNY SSD in detail:

Step 1. Connect the PNY SSD to your computer and make sure it is detected. Install and run AOMEI Backupper. Click “Clone” on the left pane and select “Disk Clone”.

Disk Clone

Step 2. Select the current hard drive as the source disk and click “Next”.

Select Source Disk

Step 3. Select the PNY SSD as the destination disk and click “Next”.

Select Destination Disk

Step 4. In the Operation Summary page, click “Edit partitions on the destination disk” and then choose “Add unused space to all partitions” option.

Edit Partitions

Step 5. Tick “Align partition to optimize for SSD”. Confirm the operation and click “Start Clone”.

Start Clone

Step 6. Shut down your computer and replace the current hard drive with the PNY SSD. You will get the system and all your data back instantly.


  • The destination disk will be completely overwritten. Backup the destination disk before you start clone if there are important data on it.

  • To clone OS only to the PNY SSD, you can choose “System Clone” in Step 1. You can also edit partition size on the PNY SSD based on your needs using “Manually adjust partition size” in Step 4.


If you are looking for a reliable, all-in-one PNY SSD cloning software, AOMEI Backupper is the best choice. Apart from PNY SSD clone, you can also use AOMEI Backupper to clone Windows 7 to new hard drive, clone Navigation SD Card and transfer files from PC to SD card. Go for this tool right now!