Clone SATA Disk to SSD Along with Windows 10/8/7

Posted by @AOMEI

March 7, 2019

In order to upgrade SATA hard drive with an SSD without reinstalling Windows 10, 8 or 7, you can clone SATA disk to SSD with a freeware.

Upgrade SATA hard drive with SSD

The SATA controllers and hard drives were first in traduced in 2002, and they have been largely used since. If you want better I/O speed, you can upgrade hard disk drive (HDD) with a solid state drive (SSD). Regular SSDs all are also using SATA, so you can easily buy an SSD to replace your SATA drive. If you do not want the trouble of reinstalling Windows and programs, you can simply clone SATA disk to SSD with free cloning software.

Free SATA hard drive duplicator

There are many tools that can be used to clone SATA hard drive to SSD. Here, AOMEI Backupper Standard is recommended because it completely free and of excellent performance regarding hard drive cloning. You can use it to clone large hard drive to smaller SSD or HDD, and you can use it to clone MBR to GPT or verse vice without the need to convert partition style. For SSDs, there is an extra option for SSD optimization, so your SSD will be of better performance if you use this option. Additionally, it is so user-friendly that all the operations can be easily managed.

How to clone SATA disk to SSD?

If what you have is a desktop, you can connect your SSD to your computer via SATA cable and power cable. If it is a laptop, you can connect the SSD via an SATA-to-USB adapter. After the clone, you can replace your original SATA disk with the cloned SSD. After making sure the SATA drive and your SSD are both connected to your computer, you can follow the steps below to perform the hard drive cloning:

1. Download and run free AOMEI Backupper Standard on your computer.

2. At the Home screen, click the “Clone” button and the select “Disk Clone” to clone SATA to SSD. If you only need to transfer OS instead of the whole hard drive, you can choose “System Clone”, which is supported by AOMEI Backupper Professional.

Clone Types

3. Click on the SATA disk to specify it as the source disk and in the next screen, specify SSD as destination disk by clicking on it, and then click “Next”.

Select Source

4. At the Operation Summary screen, check the option “Align partition to optimize for SSD” since the destination disk is an SSD. Then click “Start Clone” to run the disk clone.

Start Clone

Then you can go back to do other work with this computer while the clone is in process.You can also create a bootable media to load the software to clone SATA disk to SSD without loading Windows. If you just want to transfer OS to SSD, you can use System Clone with AOMEI Backupper Professional Edition.