The Most Powerful Software to Clone a Dynamic Disk in Win7

Posted by @Ivy

September 13, 2017

Would you want a powerful software which can clone dynamic disk in Win 7? If you want, follow this article and I will show you how to clone dynamic disk to SSD with a powerful software.

What Is The Common Charateristics and Differences between Dynamic Disk and Basic Disk?

Before starting to clone dynamic disk in Win7 by Partition Clone, let's get some informations about dynamic disk and basic disk.

The common characteristics: they both support MBR and GPT partition style. And we can convert basic disk to dynamic disk easily in both type of disks.

The differences: the dynamic disk can extend with a noncontinuous partition or disk on one or more disks while the basic disk can extend partition  along with a continuous partition on a single disk. In addition, a dynamic disk has a greater flexibility for volume management by using a database to track the information about dynamic volume on the disk or other dynamic disks.

But what confuses us is that it's difficult to clone dynamic disk in win 7.


A user has a Window 7 C drive in a dynamic mode, and he tries to clone dynamic disk in Win7 to a new SSD drive by a third-party tool, but there is no way to select the source drive.

Why? That is because the True Image 2013HD cannot clone the dynamic disk. In this case, many users will try to find the alternative disk cloning software.

How to clone dynamic disk to SSD in Windows 7?

Aside by True Image 2013HD, there are a large number of software which can help you clone dynamic disk to SSD. AOMEI Backupper is one of disk cloning software. In AOMEI Backupper, there's a feature called Partition Clone. With it, you could directly clone the dynamic disk volume to the disk you want to. However, you still can divide it in a detail step. 

Taking cloning dynamic disk to SSD as an example, you have two options. 

1. Directly clone dynamic disk to SSD.In this option, the only thing you need is a powerful software, then follow the steps until last.

2. Convert dynamic disk to basic first, and then clone it to SSD .To convert dynamic disk to basic  without  data loss, you would better not use Windows buil-in tool Disk Management. In Disk Management, you are not allowed to convert dynamic disk which contains partitions or volumes into basic disk. Thus, you have to delete all partitions or volumes first before you start to convert dynamic disk.

Below, I will take the first option as an example and show you a step by step guide to clone dynamic disk.

Step 1: Download free backup and restore software and then selectPartition Clone.

partition disk.png

Step 2:In this window, you can select the dynamic volume you want to clone and then click Next.

source partition.png

Step 3: Select your SSD disk as Destination Partitio, then click the Next to step into another window.

destination disk.png

Step 4: Now, you can see the Operation Summary below. As you can see there are another choices you could make according to your needs. If you want to resize your partition, you can tick “Edit the size of partition". If you want to clone dynamic disk without data loss, “Sector by Sector Clone” may help you. After you finish the preparation, tick the button “Start Clone”.

operation summary.png


Please remember to tick the choice “Align partition to optimize for SSD”. If you select this option, the program will automatically optimize the reading and writing speed for your SSD, and also be able to extend the life of it.

Step 5: In this period, you just need to wait a few time. After the progress ends, tick theFinish.

partition clone progress.png

Note: to ensure your data is complete, you could tick “On completion”. When you do it in advance, the program will check your data in the Partition Clone Progress.


1. It is easy to clone dynamic disk in win 7 with a powerful tool AOMEI Backupper. if you still are confused by this problem, you can try it.

2. Except for Partition Clone, AOMEI Backupper still offer corresponding functions such as System CloneDisk Clone