Clone Bitlocker Encrypted Disk Drive in Windows 10/8/7

Posted by @Cody

September 22, 2017

When your current disk is encrypted with BitLocker, you can use this freeware to clone the encrypted hard drive.

About BitLocker encrypted drive

BitLocker Drive Encryption also referred to BitLocker, is an integral feature to protect your drive from unauthorized access. Even if someone unplugs the drive to another computer, one still cannot access the data. However, if you want to clone BitLocker encrypted disk, regular cloning software may fail because it has no access to the data.

Free cloning software to clone encrypted hard drive

AOMEI Backupper Standard is free hard drive cloning software that allows you to clone an encrypted drive without unlocking it. Normally, you can use Intelligent Sector Clone to clone the larger hard drive to smaller SSD. For cloning encrypted hard drive, you can use Sector by Sector Clone

If the system drive is encrypted on the source disk, you can successfully boot from the cloned hard drive without the need to decrypt the hard drive. Sector by Sector clone requires the destination drive to have at least the same capacity as the source disk.

If what you have is a smaller drive, then you need to decypt the hard drive before cloning. If you do not have the password, then you need to find the BitLocker Recovery Key. If your computer is connected to a domain, you can ask the administrator for the recovery key. If not, you may find your recovery key online or you may have saved the recovery key to other locations like a USB flash drive.

How to clone BitLocker encrypted SSD or HDD?

You can either connect the destination drive that you want to clone to in the second drive bay or via a SATA-to-USB adapter. Before you apply the process below, you must know that all the data on the destination disk will be wiped out when the clone starts.

To clone BitLocker encrypted drive:

Step 1: Download freecloning software and run it. Click “Disk Clone” under “Clone” tab.

Disk Clone

Step 2: Select the BitLocker Encrypted drive as “Source disk” by clicking on it, and click “Next”.

Specify Source

Step 3: Select another disk as “Destination Disk” to receive the clone, and then click “Next”. As mentioned, this tool will clone the encrypted disk sector by sector, so the destination disk has to be equal or larger to the source disk.

Destination Disk

Step 4: In the Operation Summary screen, tick “sector by sector clone”, click “Start Clone” to start cloning encrypted hard drive.

Start Clone

It may take a little longer because it will also clone the unused disk space, but it will be finished within Windows, so you can still use the computer while cloning BitLocker encrypted disk. Besides clone feature, AOMEI Backupper also provides disk backup feature for encrypted hard drive backup.