Backing up Data with Windows 7 Built-in Backup or AOMEI Back

Posted by @AOMEI

December 25, 2014

In Windows 7, if you want to backup your data, how will you do? Maybe you will use the built-in backup tool to do the work to ensure data safety.

Windows 7 Built-in Backup

In Windows, there is always a built-in backup tool, for example, NTBackup, Windows Server Backup, Wbadmin command, and Windows 7 Backup and Restore which can help users backup and restore the important data. In Windows 7, Backup and Restore tool supports to backup files and system to local disks, CD or removable hard disks. You can also create schedule backup. The restore function is very good.

However, when backing up in Windows 7, you will find that the steps are very copious. And you can select a drive to backup, but the tool doesn’t allow to backing up a folder in that derive. Besides, during system backup, it creates many files and folders in one backup and you cannot compress the image to occupy much disk space. As for storage location, only in Professional or Ultimate Edition, it allows backup data to network. This is the main interface of built-in Backup and Restore.


Due to the shortcomings of Windows 7 built-in backup, few users like to use the tool to backup and restore data. They often choose a free backup software to do it.

Free Backup Software - AOMEI Backupper Standard

AOMEI Backupper Standard is a free backup software which can help users realize data backup and recovery. You can backup and restore files, folders, system and partition, disk according to your own needs. Schedule backup, incremental and differential backup are supported by the software. During backup, you can add comment for backup, split backup, compress backup image and encrypt backup. In addition, you can also create a bootable CD to boot computer after system crashes. AOMEI Backupper Standard can help users do many things, and it also supports clone. The operation is easy and fast for data backup and recovery. The main interface is as follows:


In a word, compared the Windows 7 built-in backup with AOMEI Backupper, the latter has more powerful functions in backing up and restoring data. This is the download link of AOMEI Backupper Standard. But whether the built-in tool or backup software, it has its features and functions, users can choose depend on physical truth.