Synology NAS to NAS Backup

Posted by @AOMEI

June 6, 2016

Knowing how to create a Synology NAS to NAS backup can greatly protect your data security. AOMEI Backupper is the best tool you can use to complete this.

What is Synology NAS?

Synology is a famous brand of NAS market. Synology NAS is an always-on network computer that handles a wide array of data, media and backup tasks. Synology NAS has many features. Such as extensible storage, video transcoding, pluggable hard drive and so on.

Why backup Synology NAS to NAS

■Data is not only the core of any business but also the significant asset for general users. Important files like your critical work documents or personal photos, which deserve a great backup strategy to protect against unexpected hardware failure, natural disasters or simple deletion. So backup Synology NAS is vital for you.

■Because NAS has many features that make sharing data easy. A NAS connects to your router or switch using a network cable and makes the storage place available to every computer on the network. So you can share data in a local network, that means all users on the local network have an access to the data. It avoids network traffic caused by PC to PC transfer. Besides that, you can save much time in creating a Synology NAS to NAS backup.

How to create a Synology NAS to NAS backup

You have so many choices when choosing a backup tool to create a Synology NAS to NAS backup. Because you can not use a Windows built-in backup tool to backup your Synology NAS. And the Synology NAS can not do the incremental backup. So why do not think about a backup software? AOMEI Backupper is a backup software which offers a standard range of backup services. And an outstanding feature of AOMEI Backupper is its intellectual user interface. So even a new comer for backup software can acquaint the operation. What’s more, you need not pay money for using it. So choosing AOMEI Backupper should be the wisest decision.

Now let me tell you the details of Synology NAS to NAS backup.

Step1. Download AOMEI Backupper, install and launch it. Click File Backup under the Backup option.

File Backup

Step2. Click Add Folders, then select Share/NAS in the popped up dialogue.

Share NAS

Step3. Click Add share or NAS devices to add your Synology NAS. Input your IP address, username and password of Synology NAS.

IP Address

Step4. Click “Step2” to add your another NAS as the destination path. Select Share/NAS, then click Add share or NAS devices and fill in the blank with IP address, username and password of your another NAS.

Share to NAS

Step5. Click Start Backup to begin the perform. After backup is done, click Finish.


Do not keep your NAS which save your backups on the same network that Synology NAS is on.

●Make sure that the IP address, username, password of both NAS are correctly, and you can attach to them successful.

●You can create a schedule backup to save any changes on your source file to backups.

● If you do not want to input your username and password of your NAS, check the Anonymous box.