Not Enough Backup Space on Your Computer to Store Images

Posted by @AOMEI

May 14, 2018

During backup, you may encounter insufficient disk space problem to backup all your files without enough space to store images on your computer.

Why Not Enough Backup Space?

    Nowadays there are more and more data on computer, people often backup them on computer or external device because virus, physical disasters, disk breakdown or incorrect operation may lead data loss. In this way, disk space becomes less and less. When backup some files regularly, there will be many old and useless backup on computer, so that backup space is not enough. In this case, you may delete the old and useless backup to manage disk space for new backup.

How to Manage Disk Space with AOMEI Backupper Server?

AOMEI Backupper Server can backup everything automatically or manually to ensure business continuity and also it can minimize server downtime. You can use the software to backup files, folders, partitions and system. Also it supports restore files, folders, partitions and system. And you can use it to clone disks and partitions. Besides, it also supports to manage disk space.

    During backup, problems of insufficient disk space always come up; you cannot backup some important data, so you should release space. But how do you manage the disk space to store new backup? The steps are as follows.

Step 1: Under "Backup" table, you can backup file, system, partition or disk. Choose what you want to backup.


Step 2: Here take "File Backup" for example. First name the task, then click "Add File" to choose the files you want to backup, and then set the destination path. Next click "Schedule Off" to create automatic backup.


Step 3: After backup regularly, click "Scheme", it will show the following screenshot. Click "Enable Disk Space Management", there are two options that you can choose to delete the old backups or the number of backup versions to solve not enough backup space problem. The default is not deleting the image file of the first backup during disk space management.


Step 4:After you finish disk space management, then start to backup. Like this, you can release space during data backup.

In conclusion, by managing disk space to delete old or useless images, you can solve the problem of insufficient backup space. It can avoid many troubles of disk space. You can download 30-day free trial of AOMEI Backupper Server to have a try.

    Tips:In addition to server version can manage disk space, professional and technician version also can do it.