How to Free Image System to USB in Windows 7/8/10?

Posted by @Ailsa

March 30, 2017

How to image to USB flash drive in Windows 7/8/10 freely? The best free image to USB tool-AOMEI Backupper Standard allows you to backup system, partition and your personal documents to USB flash drive freely.

Why Image to USB Drive?

In our daily digital life, information makes up the bridge of communication. Where there is information, there is an exchange. In most cases, there are many essential documents in your work or life that you must have to backup in case of data loss. Therefore, you will choose external hard drive, like USB flash drive, SSD, CD/DVD, etc. as the target disk to save the backup image. Backing up photos, pictures, music, videos, and others files means that you will gain an image file on your destination drive. Why? Because the image file could not occupy much space and you will get more free space to store other files.

As a matter of fact, Image to USB also refers to backup to USB flash drive. And image to USB flash drive has some advantages: restore data in the event of unintentional deletion; restore your computer to normal state in case of the system failure; USB flash drive is portable and easy to carry; boot up your computer with the bootable USB drive. The most famous USB drives include Kingston USB, Toshiba USB, Transcend USB, SanDisk USB, PNY USB, Corsair USB, etc.

Windows Image to USB Problem

Imaging to USB drive means that you can backup your data, system, and partition to USB flash drive. But there is a situation that you should be cautious. Generally, Windows provides users to create a system repair disc and create a system image features to backup your computer. However, you probably encounter the drive not formatted to NTFS when you trying to create a system image to USB flash drive, after you format the USB drive to NTFS, the Windows would warning you that the drive is not a valid backup location. That is to say, you will create a system image not working for USB drive. Therefore, using Windows built-in backup tool to create system backup to USB drive is not an easy job.

How to fix Image to USB problem in Windows 7/8/10? Don’t worry, in this article, you will find the best way to image system to USB flash drive with the best free image to USB tool.

How to Image to USB in Windows 7/8/10?

Fortunately, we have already find the best free image to USB tool-AOMEI Backupper Standard will give you the best shot. The following words are instructions to describe how to image system to USB flash drive in Windows 7; these steps also apply to Windows 8, 8.1, 10. First of all, free download AOMEI Backupper Standard. Insert your USB flash drive into your computer.

After the installation, launch the program. In the main window, select Backup at the left panel, and choose System Backup.

System Backup

Enter a name into Task Name box to differ from other backups.

Task Name

Select the USB drive as the target disk to save the system image file in the Step2.



  • The program will detect the system partition associated with system files automatically in the Step1 to ensure backup all the system files to USB drive.
  • You could encrypt, compress, comment, and split the image file with Backup Options.

Click Start Backup to image to USB safely.

After a while, your operating system will be backed up to USB drive successfully. Besides, AOMEI Backupper Standard allows you to backup your entire hard disk, backup partition, and backup your file to local hard drive, external hard drive, USB drive, network share, even the cloud, create bootable media. It’s worth mentioning that you can sync file to other locations freely. For further features, try AOMEI Backupper Professional to clone system, command line backup, and many more.