How to Backup Files to CD

Posted by @AOMEI

April 29, 2016

Learning how to backup files to CD is a good way to prevent data from accident destruction caused by all kinds of reason. AOMEI Backupper can help you realize the function.

Importance of backing up files to CD

1.Backing up files to CD is to protect your data in case of accident destruction caused by operation mistake or hard drive failure.

2.Backups on CD are compact, reliable, and easy to carry, which makes it available to you everywhere.

3.Once the data backup is done, you could restore your files across the image files on CD when the original files encounter any problems.

How to backup files to CD

CD is the abbreviation of compact disc, which is a small optical disc on which data such as music, text or graphic images is digitally encoded. Backing up files to CD is one of the easiest way to backup, AOMEI Backupper offers you a simple and quick way to backup files to CD. The following is the quick guide to backup files.

Step 1. First of all, downloadAOMEI Backupper, install it.

Step 2. Put the CD into the disc drive which has the “Compact Disc Rewritable” logo on it. It will pop up a window, select “Open writable CD folder using Windows Explorer”. And before you use the CD, make the CD blank by formatting it.


When you put the CD into the disc drive, the AutoPlay window will appear with a list of options:

●You do not need to format the disc if you are burning an audio CD.

●You can not format a burned CD-R, but you can format a burned CD-RW.

●If the AutoPlay notification doesn’t appear, or you accidentally closed it, open Windows Explorer by pressing Windows+E, double-click on your drive with the blank disk in it. Choose the right option with your need.

Step 3. Open AOMEI Backupper, Click the “File Backup” under the “Backup” option.

File Backup

Step 4. Import a “Task Name” to distinguish from other backups, click “Add File” in Step1 to select the file you want to backup. Then choose the responding drive letter of CD to store the backups in the “Step2”, here is F:\.

Add File

Step 5. Click the “Start Backup” to begin the operation. Click the “Finish” button when the manipulation is done.


1.Do not get the CD out unless the backup is done.

2.CD-RW discs are good for files you only need to back up temporarily as they can be used and then rewritten many times. However for long-term storage, CD-R discs are better.

3.The file under using can not be backed up.

4.If you want to backup files to CD in a fixed time, you just need to check the box in front of “Schedule” below the Step2, then set up the frequency.