Free Disaster Recovery Software - An Example with AOMEI Backupper

July 14, 2015

Computer disasters are unavoidable. There are some kinds of free disaster recovery software such as AOMEI Backupper, which easily recover what you have lost in the disasters.

Disasters are unavoidable

There is nothing that is absolutely safe. Accidents or disasters happen anytime, anywhere and on anything because of the uncertainty of the world. Without exception, disasters happen to computers sometimes. They are hijack or virus attack, system crush or disk damage. No matter what kind of accidents they belong to, they cause great inconvenience or even big loss to computer users. In order to recovery their PCs, these users will pay much money, time and effort on this.

Recovery disaster with AOMEI Backupper Free Edition

AOMEI Backupper is a powerful backup and restoration software. For backup, it can do file/folder, system, partition and disk backup; for restoration, of course it can do all types of recovery of above corresponding backups. Besides, it can also create bootable media and verify backups to full backup, incremental backup and differential backup.

Case1: Restore computer from system crash

The most common disaster is system crash. When it happens, you cannot start your computer. Therefore, before doing recovery work, you have to first boot into the dead computer with a bootable media. Fortunately, you can make a bootable media even after crash happens.

Step1. Install AOMEI Backupper Standard on another normal pc, better having the same system with the dead one. Start Backupper.

Step2. Select “Utilities” and click “Create Bootable Media”.

Create Bootable Media

Step 3: Decide which kind of bootable disc you want to create, Linux or Windows PE. Here, the latter is chosen.

Create Windows PE Bootable Disc

Step4. Click “Next”. The program will detect whether the system of the computer supports creating bootable media or not. In most cases, it supports. Then click “Next” to continue.

Step5. Choose a way to create bootable media: “Burn To CD/DVD”, “USB Boot Device” or “Export ISO File”. Click “Next” and then follow the guides.

Select Bootable Media

After the bootable media is created, put it in the dead pc, change boot order to it and boot from it. When the dead computer starts, if you still want to use this pc and have any backup of the system at hand, you can restore the system to this computer with the help of Backupper.

Step1. Start AOMEI Backupper on this pc and choose “Restore” on the left.

Step2. Click “Path” and choose the image file of what you are about to recover in the pop-up window.

Click Path

Step 3:Click “Next” to “Select a backup time point to restore”.

Select Backup Time Point

Step 4:Click “Next” to “Select the files or folders that you want to restore”.

Select File to Restore

Step5.Click “Next” to “Select a destination path to restore files”.

Step6. Click “Start Restore” (the restoration will start automatically). When it finishes, click “Finish” and close AOMEI Backupper.

If you do not want to make use of this computer anymore, you can just backup important data out of its disks relying on Backupper.

Case2: Restore from other accidents

If the accident is not system crash and the computer can be turned on, you do not need to make a bootable media and can directly restore your pc. It is the same as the second part of case1. Viewing all above, it seems that Backupper has many useful functions. Sure it is!