How to Backup Files to NAS

Posted by @AOMEI

June 6, 2016

Backup files to NAS is one of the efficient way to protect your data security. AOMEI Backupper should be your first choice when backing up files to NAS.

Whybackupfiles to NAS

There’s a reason people do not bother backing up their files: Thinking about the task of doing it properly becomes too difficult. You will not know how important backups are when you lose your critical data which accumulate a long time. Thanks to the fast development of technology, storage price is not that expensive, and it’s easier to backup all your content than it was in the past. And there are so many kinds of storage that can used to be a backup location, which one is the best suitable? NAS is a storage that attaches directly to network using Ethernet, instead of plugged into computer. So you have the ability to backup from multiple computers without costing time on plugging devices into computer. Besides, NAS have high capacity, high efficiency and high reliability when it was used as a backup location. In summary, backing up files to NAS can be the best way to backup files which is precious for you.

Thequickguide tobackupfiles to NAS

To create a backup, there are two common ways: Windows built-in backup utility and backup software. And as we all know, using the Windows built-in tool to backup is inflexible and restricted. So choosing a best backup software for your backing up is a wise decision. And the standard of best backup software may cover several aspects: utilities, cost and some other details. AOMEI Backupper have a series of backup and restore function which is efficient. And you do not need to pay for it when you use its powerful utilities. It is easy to use even for a newcomer with backup. And AOMEI Backupper can save your time and energy to a great extent.

The following is the quick guide to backing up files to NAS.

Step1. Download AOMEI Backupper, install and launch it. Click File Backup under the Backup option.

File Backup

Step3. Input a Task Name to make a distinction from other backups. Click Add File or Add Folders to choose files you want to backup.

Add File

Step4. Click “Step2” to choose your location. Now we are talking about backing up files to NAS, so click Share/NAS to Add share or NAS device. Input the IP address, username and password of NAS.

Share to NAS
IP Address

Step5.Select Start Backup to begin the perform, and when all the backup is done, click the Finish button to close the interface.


●Make sure your network is working normally so that you can backup files to NAS successfully.

●If you want backup files in a fixed time, you can schedule an automatic backup.

●If you do not want to input the username ans password of NAS, just check the Anonymous box.