Guide to Ransomware Attacks in 2017 and Defense Strategies

Posted by @Ivy

June 2, 2017

During the Ransomware WannaCry event, many people suffer a great loss either money or data. So completely solving Ransomware Attack in 2017 becomes an urgent thing.

WannaCry, One of The Ransomware Attacks in 2017

WannaCry - a worldwide spread malware occured on Windows 7/8/10/ XP etc in May 2017 which is one of ransomware attack today and affected many organizations and companies via the vulnerability of Windows system. Once your computer has been attacked, you can’t access your any important files unless you pay 300 dollars worth bitcoin at the time of infection. If you don’t, the ransom will increase to 600 dollars after three days. And seven days later, you will lose all your files if you still don’t pay it.

The Influence of Ransomware WannaCry

Recently, you can hear ransomware WannaCry here and there. Thus, we need to be aware of its’ influence. In the event of ransomware WannaCry, the malicious people only use two NSA exploits, However, it leads to a great disturbance. Up to now, the ransomware WannaCry has hit at least 150 countries including Britain, China, Russia, Germany and Spain etc and has infected over 230,000 computers coming from hospitals, universities, manufacturers and government agencies etc. 

The Prime Targets of Ransomware Attack in 2017

From this experience, the prime targets of ransomware is an increasing concerned question most of the people want to know. In this case, most of the attacked computer comes from hospitals, universities, manufacturers and government agencies etc. Thus, there are some potential targets you need to know.

1. Any organization needs to access critical data every day. Because they can’t afford to be locked out of their data. At the same time, they are supposed to be the one who will worry about ransomware at most. That’s to say, banks, hospitals, Congress, police departments, and airlines and airports etc are likely to be the victim of ransomware.

2. To a degree, any large corporation or government agency contains critical infrastructure is also at risk.

3. Individual computer sometimes is a target. If you can’t put a patch regularly for your computer or upgrade it to the latest version, you may be the next victim.

How does Ransomware Work?

On a webpage, you can see attackers take the security hole of Windows system as a weapon to attack companies or organizations which need to access the critical data every day. Aside by that, some unnecessary ports like 445, 135, 137,139 etc is possible to be a way attackers may make full use of.

What Is The Best Way to Solve Ransomware Attack in 2017?

When we input ransomware attack in 2017 in the search box, We can see many prevention measures on the webpage. Is it really useful to stand against ransomware attack? If you are puzzled with the questions, let’s see some measures together you can search from a webpage.

1. Don’t click these suspicious Emails and Links. We are possible to receive many emails contains links, if you are not sure the email is safe, you would better not to click it. Because the email or links may contain a virus.

2. Install ransomware attack patch for your computer. To security holes, you are supposed to put patches regularly. Because your important files or folders etc are stored on your computer. Once something bad happens, you will lose them forever. At the same time, running whitelisting software on machines can resist attacks to some extent since the lists won’t let your computer install anything that’s not already approved.

3. Install antivirus software. Antivirus software can detect viruses in a way. Thus, regularly checking your computer can reduce the possibility of virus attack.

4. Block unnecessary ports 445 in Windows. In the computer, there are some unnecessary ports opened by Windows system you need to close, including 445/135/137/139 on Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003/2008. If you don’t block them, the malicious people may attack your computer via these port.

5. Disconnect computer. To against further infection, administrators will immediately disconnect infected systems from the corporate network, disable WiFi and Bluetooth on machines.

Do you feel all the prevention measures can stand against ransomware WannaCry after seeing them?

I agree that they can prevent ransomware attack or further infection to some extent. But only prevention is not enough since you still can be attacked. The suspicious emails or links may become more and more complex and you cannot recognize it. Sometimes, putting patches can be forgotten. And there is no perfect software is perfec, so we have to develop a great habit to protect data ourselves instead of wishing your computer will work well all the time. Backup is the best way to keep an entire copy of your important files or folders. When you have a copy of all your data, even if your computer has been attacked by ransomware, you still can access your files or folders etc without paying ransom.

Protect Data via AOMEI Backupper

From this experience, we can clearly get that Windows system is not perfect. It still has security holes and can make our computer in danger. So we can’t depend on it too much. What’s more, we need to protect data ourselves. Below is the guide to protect data via File Backup.

Step 1: Download AOMEI Backupper, install and enjoy it.

Step 2: Enter the main page and click File Backup

Against Ransomware Attack in 2017 via File Backup

Step 3: Click Add File or Add Folder and select the file you want to backup.

Add Files or Add Folders

Step 4: Select a location for your backup. As you can see below, you have several choices. You can backup files to network share or NAS, or you can backup to a cloud drive even you can backup to an external hard drive.

Select Location for Your Backup

Step 5: After above steps finish, click Start Backup to continue the rest of the work

Start Backup


1. If you think backup files one by one is complex, you can choose Disk Backupto back up the entire disk.

2. If you want to receive all the changed or newly added files from your disk, you can tick Schedule to set up. The schedule backup contains Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Event trigger, Real-time Sync, Full Backup and Incremental / Differential Backup.


When you own a copy of entire data, you are not afraid ransomware attack in 2017. You can see it silently. If you don’t want to be a victim of ransomware attack, try this software and backup the entire data.