Ransomware Steal Data

Posted by @Helen

June 23, 2017

Does ransomware steal data? Of course, almost all ransomware cause data loss. To avoid data loss, you should do backup work better in advance.


The ransomware WannaCry (also known as WannaCrypt, WannaCryptor and Wanna Decryptor) attack last month in May, 2017 brought nitzens’ eye on computer virus again. Actually, ransomware attacks happen once in a while. The fact is, while the ransomware is spreading out, it is a hot topic among people. However, after a period of time, if there is no further progress of the attack and it will fade out of most human’s minds.

While the ransomware is a hot topic, many questions will be searched on the Internet through goole, yahoo, bing, etc. such as how to prevent ransomware attacks, how to protect your network from ransomware, how does ransomware get on your computer and  does ransomware steal data?

Does Ransomware Steal Data?

As most computer users know, ransomware will cause data loss. Yet, there will still be a few ones may ask: “does ransomware steal data?” or “does ransomware steal files?” The answer is “yes” for sure. Those people may not actually do not know whether ransomware attack steal files or not, they may want to figure out how ransomware steal files.

Let’s take WannaCry for example to explain you with how ransomware steal files. WannaCry takes advantage of Windows vulnerability named MS17-010 and attack port 445 to get on users’ computers. Then, it make a copy of personal files, encrypt the copy and delete the original files. Thus, it has successfully stolen data from users and make the files under its own control. If victims do not pay ransom with two weeks, the copied files will be deleted forever.

How to Avoid Ransomware Stealing Data?

For any accidents, better prepare than regret! So does ransomware attack. Though the last WannaCry has gone away, we still cannot be totally relaxed, for we do not know when will the next virus happens; maybe just the next moment. Only when we give a double insurance to our import data, can we surf the Internet at ease.

To keep our data safe, the traditional and safest way is to make backup of them of multiple copies, backup to external storages, backup to NAS/share network or backup to cloud drives etc. places you think it is safe for you.

Then, you need a professional and stable data backup software to do this task. Windows Backup and Restore is surely a good choice. It is stable and can protect your system and files from cyber attack. Yet, if you have more advanced requirements like FAT disk backup, incremental or differential backup, unallocated space backup, partition (without drive letter) backup, etc. Windows Backup and Restore can’t help you for it has limitations on these tasks. Therefore, you have to rely on a third party program like AOMEI Backupper, which can carry out file/folder, partition, system and hard disk backup and restore, as well as clone. It can also keep files/folders in two locations in the same pace by common sync or real-time sync.


If you are already infected by ransomwre, please learn “ransomware doc file recovery” to find a way the rescue your data. Good luck for you!