General Introduction to ACB Server

  • Desktop
  • Laptop
  • Virtual Machine

Central Management Computer

AOMEI Centralized Backupper is a server-side backup task management software that can control backup processes and backup images on client computers within LAN.

Install AOMEI Centralized Backupper on one of the computers in the LAN to make the machine a centralized manager. Then, install AOMEI Backupper (AB) on the other computers thus become clients. The centralized computer can get control on client desktops, laptops and virtual machines by sending authorization requests or enter identification of them. Once get controlled, through the connection between ACB and AB, users can create system, partition and disk backup tasks of all clients on centralized computer.

AOMEI Centralized Backupper cuts down backup administration costs and save time; you can use any computer as a central server to start, schedule, stop as well as monitor remote backup tasks for all client computers with the network. It fully supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2003, 2008 (R2), 2012 (R2), 2016, Windows SBS 2003, 2008, 2011 and Windows Home Server 2011 (all editions, 32/64-bit).

Tips: A Server license can be used to register a single Server or PC computer.

Key Features of AOMEI Centralized Backupper Server

  • Complete Backup Features

    System, partition, disk & file backup; full, incremental & differential backup; sector-by-sector & intelligent backup and schedule backup.

  • Cross IP Segment Backup

    Backup client computers in IP segments that differs from the central computer.

  • Backup by Disk/Partition Index

    Select source disks or partitions by their index to selectively backup certain sources instead of all.

  • Backup Image Management

    Encrypt, comment, compress, split or check backup image files to make images safe, identifiable, smaller or easy for storage.

  • Remote Client Registration

    Register client AOMEI Backupper programs on central computer without operating client computers one by one.

  • Unlimited Clients Supported

    Support to centrally manage unlimited client computers, both PCs and Servers, installed with AOMEI Backupper Standard, Professional or Server editions.

  • Destination management

    Check backup destination Share Network / NAS available space and give alerts when in low available space level.

  • Email Notification

    Receive email notifications of backup results or low disk space warning in a network share/NAS.

  • Logs Report

    Centrally view backup status at a glance to examine any backups and diagnose any failures. Also, you can generate log reports (HTML format) with 1-click.

Supported Technologies

Operating Systems

  • Windows 10 (all editions, both 32 & 64 bit)
  • Windows 8.1/8 (all editions, both 32 & 64 bit)
  • Windows 7 (all editions, both 32 & 64 bit)
  • Windows Vista (all editions, both 32 & 64 bit)
  • Windows XP (all editions, both 32 & 64 bit)

Disk Styles and Types

  • Master Boot Record (MBR) Disk
  • GUID Partition Table (GPT) Disk
  • Compatible with GPT/UEFI Boot

File Systems

  • NTFS
  • FAT32/FAT16
  • exFAT/ReFS *
  • Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 *
  • Other file systems *

* Display as RAW partition and perform a sector-by-sector backup mode.

Storage Devices

  • Traditional hard disk drive (HDD), solid-state drives (SSD) and SSHD.
  • External hard drive (USB 1.0/2.0/3.0), PC card, All Flash Drives and Thumb Drives and other removable media.
  • All storage devices recognized by Windows, such as IDE, SATA, iSCSI, SCSI disk, IEEE1394 (FireWire), etc.
  • Backup data to disc, such as CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, BD-R.
  • Hardware RAID, including RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 10, etc.
  • Network-Attached Storage (NAS) and Shared Network.
  • Hyper-V, Virtual box, VMware virtual disk and other virtual systems.
  • If you want to centrally manage backup tasks for unlimited PCs & servers within your company, or provide billable technical services to other companies, please choose AOMEI Centralized Backupper Ultimate to save your time and money.

  • To compare the differences among all editions of AOMEI Centralized Backupper, please visit this page.

  • See what’s new in AOMEI Centralized Backupper 2.1, please check the version history >>.

Reviews and Comments


AOMEI Centralized Backupper is a neat app that makes backup tasks on the network a breeze. The program boasts an approachable GUI that helps you secure data on remote PCs in a transparent manner, so it’s worth a shot.

Bret Meyer (USA)

Software is working very well! Got it running on several computers. The network interface looks promising. Just wanted to give you two thumbs up on the network beta software.