File Sync and Real-time Sync

File Sync is a feature which allows you to synchronize files to other locations, so you can use “schedule sync” or “real-time sync” to always keep your important data in sync on your computers. For example, you can backup your working files or other files by sync them to other location.

To synchronize files

1. Click "Backup" tab on the left column. Then drag the scrollbar downwards to select "File Sync".


2. You can enter a name for the sync in the Task Name box to help you distinguish it from other syncs.


3. In the "Step1" area, click "Add Folder". Then in the pop-up window, click "Browse" to select the folder which you want to synchronize. Click "OK".


4. Click "Step2" to select a destination location to store the folder. Then click "Start Sync" to perform the operation.


To schedule sync or real-time sync:

You can check the Schedule option, and then a dialog will be opened. You can schedule the sync task to sync files Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc. Also, you can set the Real-time sync or Event triggers as a sync way in here.



1. There are two options in the Sync Options window. One is Comments. You can write a comment for the current operation in the comment box. The other is Notifications. After enabling this option, you will receive emails about the results of the file sync.


2. Please don’t modify the folder name of the source; otherwise the program will not be able to synchronize it. If you did, you need to edit the sync task in AOMEI Backupper to fit the change.

3. For more matters needing attention, please read FAQ about AOMEI File Sync in this document.